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Tue-Mouche is a binding designed by Benjamin Elbel of Elbel Libro Bookbinding based in the Netherlands.  “Reilure tue-mouche” literally means “flypaper binding”, named after one of the original iterations of the design that resembled some kind of big fly trapped in fly tape.  It’s a beautiful, elegant design with many wonderful design features:  a refined hinge that is perfectly level with the covers, yap edges, a sewn hinge that allows for a subtle but effective design feature and the ability to create windows or frames to showcase artwork or other items you might want to feature.

This is an advanced class that requires previous bookbinding experience.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Class size is limited to three participants which allows for plenty of one on one interaction.  To ensure the safety of all participants, double vaccination is required to register.

Price includes $150 workshop fee plus $35 materials kit.

All materials and supplies will be provided, but if you have tools of your own you’d prefer to use feel free to bring them along.  Tools we will be using include a scalpel, steel ruler, teflon folder, dividers and a screw punch with 1 + 1.5 mm bits.



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