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This series of books are made from logs.  I am always on the hunt for interesting and unique branches/logs to transform into one of a kind books.  Not only are the outsides fascinating, the inner heartwood also has a beauty all its own.

The pages have been aged and shaped to match the contours of the covers.  

The paper is Strathmore 400 Series (80 lb/130 gsm) which works well with graphite pencil, coloured pencil, pen and ink, marker, soft pastel, mixed media and oil pastel; perfect for all your drawing and writing needs!

Leather strap closure with antique brass pin

3 3/4″ tall x 2″ wide x 2 1/2″ spine when closed (3 ” when expanded)

10 cm tall x 5 cm wide x 6.5 cm spine when closed (8 cm when expanded)

120 pages (including six watercolour cover pages)

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Weight .084 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm