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Dos Rapporté is a contemporary binding designed by Benjamin Elbel of Elbel Libro Bookbinding based in the Netherlands. This unique design has a spine whose edges fold back on themselves, a little bit like a hollow. This allows it to be made off the book and later attached (in French: rapporté). Beyond the fact that the books bound this way open well, this spine construction stands out through its clean, stylish shape, and through the quality of the transition to the boards. If it is well made, the spine and boards end up perfectly level, with a line in between which is neither a score, nor a groove, but something else, something unique, pleasant to the eye and to the touch.

This is an advanced class that requires bookbinding experience.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

This will be a two day workshop to allow our text blocks and covers to dry under weight for the night. Classes will be taught at my home studio in Winnipeg and will be limited to three participants allowing for plenty of one on one interaction and hands on instruction.

To ensure the safety for all participants, double vaccination is required to attend.

All materials and supplies will be provided, but if you have tools of your own you’d prefer to use feel free to bring them along  (scalpel, steel ruler, teflon folder, mechanical pencil, metal folder, dividers).



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