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Bilbiothèque Cachée is French for hidden library.  The covers are made from a cedar log that I picked up at a community wood shop swap.  I was immediately drawn to this piece of wood – it  had so much character, but it also had major cracks that ran along the length of the piece.  In order to make the wood useable I created a mixture of epoxy resin and ebony saw dust to get a rich dark grey colour which and filled the cracks.  Besides making the wood stronger it also highlights the grain of the wood which I love.

The three shelves or cubby holes are hand carved into the inner heartwood, creating a space to hide away miniature books which are all useable!

Yellowknife art writer Sarah Swan has eloquently expressed my sentiments,

Books are quiet objects.  Trees are too.  Libraries have that characteristic hush and so do forests.  Reading is a quiet reflective activity that requires an investment of stillness.  

These feelings are what I hope to make space for with my library books.

Bookshelf holds 20 miniature books each made with mono print covers and hand dyed pages.

5 1/4″ x 5 3/4″ x 4″


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