Opening Reception Friday, November 15th 6-9 pm Café Postal, 202 Provencher Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB.

Show runs November 15th – 29th

All books will be available for purchase at the opening on Friday,November 15th and online beginning Saturday, November 16th but will need to stay with the exhibition until November 29th.

Stone Diaries can be purchased directly from my shop

The Stone Diary Project III  is a collaborative venture connecting  artists across media to create unique ceramic books.

The practice of ceramics and bookbinding are both rooted in ancient methods.  The book is a container for thoughts, ideas, memories, emotions.  Likewise, ceramics are containers too – vessels that have long been used for safe storage of sustenance.  Both book and ceramic are functional objects that frequently serve in sacred ways.

Precious and safe yet ultimately fragile, these objects are meant to foster a sense of contemplation.

“There are chapters in every life which are seldom read, and certainly not aloud.”

Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries

To view previous projects go to Stone Diary Project I and Stone Diary Project II.

Terry Hildebrand
Lily Ligocki
Lily Ligocki
Kathryne Koop
Kathryne Koop
Christopher Pancoe
Kathleen Shellrude
Margerit Roger
Candice Ring
Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor
Kate Froese
Michael Astill
Michael Astill
Peter Tittenberger
Valerie Metcalfe
Maria Deschauer
Julia Wellwood
Taylor Smeltzer
Mary Ann Talbot
Mary Ann Talbot
Mary Anne Talbot
Joy Taylor
Jennifer Johnson
Marin Daien Zipursky
Marim Daien Zipursky
Kelli Rey
Ruth Thiessen
Merle Lambeth Rosenbaum
PJ Anderson
Erika Hanneson
Jessica Hodgson
Anne Fallis Elliot