EPHEMERA is the fourth in a series of binding projects put out by Uppercase Magazine. Sixteen bookbinders were asked to create unique bindings inspired by the contents.

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For my binding I chose to use the not so simple ‘simplified’ binding.  When I leafed through the pages of my copy of Ephemera I was immediately drawn to the wood that is so often showcasing the various collections.  Initially my plan was to use an old crate or cabinet door with slatted wood to somehow achieve the look I had in mind.  I quickly realized that this was unrealistic because of how thin the beveled edges need to be for the simplified binding.

As it so often happens I found a solution when I wasn’t looking for it.  Shopping for paper at a local art supply store I discovered paper made from thin sheets of bark.  The grain has that slatted appearance that I was looking for like an old crate or the door of an apothecary cabinet.  The background for the covers is a lighter weight Cave paper in Degener Black – thin enough to not create too much bulk and yet also richly textured.   The collage features stamps from Newfoundland, Canada, most dating back to 1919. The title is screen printed with black ink over the bark. Italian lamb leather covers the spine and the rolled end bands. Black and off-white honeycomb patterned paper is used for the fly leaves and doublures.

signatures marked up
sewn on Ramieband tapes

centre fold

honeycomb fly leaf and doublure